Hanging baskets for Felpham Village put up on Thursday 26 May.

The hanging baskets for Felpham Village were put up on Thursday 26 May. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers involved in what is a nine-month planning and nurturing process by the Felpham Village Conservation Society and its volunteers.  Planning started in September 2021 when the committee took the decision to have baskets once again, in 2022. Plants were ordered in the autumn and, once delivered, brought on and nurtured by a team at the St Michael’s Allotments. Hundreds of plants!   On “put up day”, work started early with volunteers loading a trailer with all of the baskets and dropping off 2 per lamppost where they were to be hung. Three teams of three then worked to put the baskets in place, one up a ladder, one holding the ladder and another passing up the baskets.    Watering will be the next job, as necessary throughout the summer.    We hope you enjoy the results - none of which would be possible without you, our members; everyone who attends our events and contributes to our funds; Felpham Parish Council for their grant; the team who help at the St Michael’s Allotments; and the “heavy gang” of volunteers on the day.