Local Green Spaces

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) allows the designation of some local spaces as ‘Local Green Spaces (LGRs)’ This gives maximum protection against development. LGRs can be designated as part of a Local Plan at District level or a Neighbourhood Plan at parish level.

In 2014 the Felpham electorate voted an overwhelming YES to the Felpham Neighbourhood Plan that was then adopted by Arun District Council as part of their 2003 Local Plan and emerging new Local Plan. Eight new LGRs therefore came into being.

  • Church Field
  • Old Rectory Gardens
  • The Greenswards
  • King George V Playing Fields
  • Longbrook Park & Sea Road Gardens
  • The Rife
  • Flax Mean Pond
  • Worms Wood

The Felpham Neighbourhood Plan was reviewed in 2018 as a result of new housing allocations.  This was again voted on and approved. The Local Green Spaces were kept in the plan for this review and therefore continue be part of Arun's planning considerations.