The Committee consists of 13 members including four officers.  It meets monthly usually on the third Monday of each month excluding August and December.    Because of the Coronavirus emergency, there are no physical meetings until things settle down; the Committee meets virtually over Zoom.

Joyce Pritchard - Chairman
Jane Summerville - Secretary
John Fenton-Jones - Treasurer 
Pamela Cosgrove - Membership Secretary  

Committee Members

Caroline Carr, Geoff Farrell, Pauline Harris, Colin Holliday, Maggie Lupton, Val Morris, Glenn Powell, Oliver Saunders, Rachel Searle.

We also have advisors who help with various speciality tasks.  Advisors are welcome to attend committee meetings but have no vote.

Steve Alderton - Felpham Tree Warden 
Lisa Keble - Design and marketing materials 
Martyn White - Conservation Officer Arun District Council
The committee can be contacted by email or dropping a note into the Village Post Office marked FVCS

Each year the Society needs one or two new committee members. We run with up to 15 committee members (currently 13) to share the tasks. New blood is good for us and helps the Society remain sustainable into the future. You can choose the task you enjoy. So, if you have a little time and want to give something to the community please let us know.